Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Been A While

Eight weeks ago I was doing this:

Yesterday I was doing this:

We haven't been to Tree Ring since mid-November.  It was so nice to be back.  Looks like the TRC gopher was very busy since we were gone.   He seems to be looking for something - like we have buried treasure in the clearing somewhere.

I've been back to work part time since week 4 and full time starting last week.  Because of the pre-existing STD clause, I won't be able to get the left knee done until June.  I am on 5 hydrocodone per day and really it is for the left knee, not the right.  I'll have to wean down, though, since that is still a high dose.  I can't wait until I don't have to take any of this stuff anymore.

TRC was wonderful as usual.  We didn't see any wildlife except for a flock of about 8 turkey hens on the neighbor's property.  We awoke to a VERY loud male gobble though.  That was the coolest.  He gobbled about 4 times over about 1/2 hour as I walked to the dry pond.

On this trip I found a new talent - fly whisperer.

He let me pet him like 10 times.  Country flies sure are strange.

I also found that I should watch those flying fire embers just a little bit.

We are hoping to go to TRC every other weekend now, if possible.  The weather this winter has been spectacular. It was 75/55 this weekend.