Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Shelter For Easter

It is fast getting hot in Florida, so on Wednesday Retro Man decided to head up alone to Tree Ring to finish the Shelter.  

For all of my new blog fans (I know you're out there), here are some links showing the progress of the Shelter.

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To give you some perspective, here is an aerial view of Tree Ring.  The red dot marks the spot where the shelter is located.

Retro Man arrived around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, unpacked everything, and then it hailstormed for 3 hours.


Wednesday night was filled with Chuck-Will's-Widow calls until 2 in the morning.  Turn your speakers up and check it out.

Note to self:  Put earplugs on your Country checklist.

On Thursday morning, instead of getting started, everything had to be dried out first.


Thursday night, the coyotes were howling.  This also lasted into the wee hours of the morning.  Check out Coyote1 on this page.

Friday, the Purlins went up.

Friday night was blessedly quiet.  The Sheriff must have written tickets to the critters for violating the noise ordinance.


Saturday, the roof went on, and this is our new Shelter.


It's 20 degrees cooler under there.  Just like we wanted.  And it's nice and dry when it rains too.

Retro Man had expected to return yesterday, but because he lost a day drying stuff out, he just came back this morning.

Red as a lobster.

He put up the 3x18 foot roof sections all by himself.  Heck, he built the entire thing by himself.

He is so awesome!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter.  Mine was great in so many ways.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Would You Ever Need 3 Chainsaws?

When 2 get stuck in a tree.

And that, my friends, is why we call it Tree Ring Circus.

This happened two weeks ago.  The method we used to free them is another blog.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Beginnings

As some of you may have noticed, it seems as though I've dropped off the end of the earth.  I've been occupied with life-changing events.

City Girl got accepted to Roanoke College, and will be starting there in 5 months.  She will have a brand new beginning in a beautiful town at a wonderful school just down the road from her grandparents.  

She turns 18 in June.  Unbelievable.

I decided 2011 was a good year to start anew as well.  I chose to leave my company after 24 years.  I gave my two weeks notice yesterday.

Sometimes things just really get stale.

Actually I was really stale.

Despite the crippled economy, I've been fortunate enough to find a different job with better pay and will be starting in two weeks.  It is a small company with less than 25 employees.  24 years ago I was employee 129 at a small company that, over the years, got acquired a few times until I was one of 65,000 employees.  I want to go back.  Smaller companies are more risky, but can be so much more rewarding to work for when people see and acknowledge the work you do.

Alongside all of this, I also chose to try a new therapy for my knees called prolotherapy, which appears to be helping quite a bit.  I have moved from a crutch to a cane and don't look quite so ridiculous any more.

With all of this change, I just haven't been able to concentrate on blogging.  It seemed like all I wanted to write about were things that couldn't be made public.  Hopefully, I won't be so preoccupied and will be able to concentrate on Tree Ring a little bit more.

In my next blog I hope to show you the progress Retro Man and I have made on our trail.  The path around the back 10 is complete, and now we are focusing on widening it.