Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Shelter Gets A Head(er)

Ahhhhhh.  The Florida Winter (June through September) is over, and now we are having Chamber of Commerce weather.  It's dry and cool with blue skies and sweet smells.

On Friday, Retro Man picked up two 24 foot 2x10s and  took them to Tree Ring to put headers on the front and back row of the Shelter.  I joined him on Saturday morning.

Of course the trip couldn't start without a Polaris repair to replace the shift cable.

The Pop Up was waiting when I got there.

The tools were out.

The front header board was up.

Sorry about the picture quality.

Retro Man said he wanted to put the rear header board up before we continued our trail blazing.

This looks so much easier than it really was.  In fact, there was a moment while I was taking pictures that I thought I might be documenting Retro Man's death.  The pressure treated 2x10 was unbelievably heavy and at one point it was 50/50 whether he'd be able to push it high enough since it was slightly warped and wouldn't go into the notch at the top of the pole.

We sure are Country green beans, aren't we?

Lot's of fall flowers and neat grasses were out.

And some cool bugs too.

Uh oh.  I think this is a Pine Borer.

And after a cool 4 mile ride, we found this 3 foot snake.

After some research when we got home, we discovered it was a diamondback rattlesnake.

Now that was sobering.  Looking back on it, I guess I was a little too close. 

Next visit some rafters go up.


  1. Never seen a rattlesnake in Florida or any other place for that matter. Love following the adventure.