Friday, October 22, 2010

Trail Blazers R Us

The last time we were trail blazing, I took GPS points every 5 feet or so and then overlaid them onto a picture of Tree Ring.

Looks like we had a little moonshine from the still before we got started, huh?  Because Tree Ring used to be part of a honest to goodness tree plantation, the trees are planted very close together.  Getting through them has been quite a challenge, and we definitely need to thin them out.

We figured we would try to first blaze a trail to the back, then across, and then up the right side to the center.  After that, we could decide whether that trail is adequate for a fire break, or whether we need to create alternate paths.

We're going up tomorrow to keep going.  The goal is to make it to the bottom right property marker, and use the compass to begin following the property line up to the clearing.  I doubt we'll get very far, but you never know.  

Retro Man thinks he knows how to use a compass, so this ought to be interesting.  I imagine there will be much yelling and gnashing of teeth, because I took orienteering too, so we're both 'experts'.

The big blob on the center-right is the large oak tree where the pop up is located.


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  1. I love trailblazing! We did this when we first moved into our old farm, trying to figure out the property boundaries and put up no hunting signs to keep tresspassers off. We rode on the ATV's, one of them had the GPS setup on it. We used a property map which had boundaries listed such as "three 100-hundred+ yr old oak trees", "old large stone", "historic fence". We searched for these things and recorded our location on the map. It made for a very fun time!

    Have fun, let us know how it goes!!!