Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Camper's Final Resting Place

For the last 10 years, the Pop-up Camper has waited patiently to be of use.  We soured on public campgrounds long ago, but now that we have our own campground, it was finally time to get it up there.


Thankfully the 30 year old tires made it.  We put the Camper near the oak tree in the clearing.

The Shelter will be located to the right of the above photo.

During this trip, RetroMan wanted to mark the four corners of the Shelter using the level we bought ourselves for Christmas.


Attaching the plumb bob was kind of challenging because it kept swinging and falling down, but we figured it out.

Essentially, you put two markers along one line of the Shelter.  Then put the plumb bob over the first marker and sight the second marker.  If you did everything right, all you do is subtract 90 degrees on the level and sight the third marker.


Did you follow all of that?  Yeah, me neither.  It took us a few hours just to put in 3 markers.  We'll tackle the 4th marker on the next trip.  Something tells me it will take even longer to put that 4th marker in.  I'm not looking forward to it, because I'm thinking there will be much yelling seeing as we really have no idea what we're doing.

It was getting late, so we went for a walk before we had to leave.  

What, you actually thought we were going to camp on this trip?

Our Tree Farm tract used to be part of a large commercial Timber property.  While it has been neglected for many years, you can still distinctly see some of the 7' rows the slash pine are planted in.

We found some pretty moss (or maybe it's lichen) on the ground.

And some tiny flowers.

If anyone knows the names of the things in any of these pictures, please let me know. 

Before we left, RetroMan wrapped the camper in plastic, so the rain won't ruin it.


Today I'm supposed to study for an ITIL v3 class I have to take next week.  There's even a test I must pass.


I think I'll go check out some of the recipes at Farmgirl Fare instead.

Update:  I passed!  Whew, it was really hard (for me).
Another Update:  Fred let me know the white flowers above are Houstonia Procumbens - Roundleaf Bluets.  Thank you Fred.


  1. Very fun. Well, maybe you didn't think so putting in those markers but it looks like a great day outdoors and wow... you all are really making progress. I am lusting after all those pine needles!

  2. Your flowers look like bluets, Houstonia. Do a google image search to compare to your specimens.