Saturday, February 6, 2010

RetroMan Olympics

RetroMan and I saw a commercial for the Winter Olympics the other day.  He said he is bored with the Olympics already.  He would rather see contests that more depict our youth.

Like forget the shot put.  Just give the contestants a pile of rocks and see how many they can throw a certain distance.  When RetroMan was little, he would throw so many rocks at the mailbox, his Dad would have to get more gravel for the driveway at the end of the summer.

And how about Tobogganning?  When RetroMan and I were little, everyone would start out at the same time.  Whoever crossed the finish line first, won - whether you were on your toboggan or not.  We think it would be a lot more entertaining to see the smashups, torn clothing, splintered toboggans, and perhaps cheating, to be the first person across the finish line.  We discussed whether the whole team had to cross to count, but decided there might be casualties, so only one member of a team crossing the finish line is enough to win.

Finally, what about those prissy Marathon, Triathalon, or Bicycle racers?  For Pete's sake, you have to take whatever you need with you:  Your own water, spare tires, whatever.  Now wouldn't that be more entertaining if a Marathon runner had to carry all the water and food he might need?  The Triathalon athlete?  Now that would be hysterical!

If you have any entertaining Retro Olympic ideas, please post them here.  I am thinking some snowed-in, homebound bloggers out there might have some great ideas!

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