Saturday, January 30, 2010


Most Blog writers create pseudonyms for their family members.  I thought I would do the same, especially since it isn't fair that people they don't know read about them.  

I already made my daughter City Girl, but my husband's nom de guerre was a little more challenging.  First of all he is the most private person I know, so just the idea of me writing about him makes him very uncomfortable.  I told him that I liked the reference 'Rennaissance Man', but he didn't.  Seeing that ignoring me on this issue wasn't going to work, he picked RetroMan.

Mostly because RetroMan likes old things.  Nothing we have is new.  We have an 80 year old house, old cars, a 70s moped, tools made in the 20s.  The furniture in our living and dining rooms was made in the 30s.   His idea of fun is antique shopping or going to the Pawn Shop (mine too).

This is our kitchen refrigerator.

You get the picture.  

He throws nothing away because it might be useful someday.   I have to admit that he generally uses it all.  Or intends to....  

You can't fit a hamster in our garage.  

Everything works, but maintaining it is practically a full time job, and he can fix it all.  Of course this is because he has every tool known to man.

Here he is working on one of the many chain saws we have.

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

Going to Home Depot is a last resort for him, not the first.

He is a person who does not lie, who tells you what he thinks (whether you like it or not), who is trustworthy.  A man of his word.  A meticulous man.  A moral man.  Someone who can always be relied upon.  He never talks about anyone behind their back.

In this world of navel gazers, he really stand out.  Men with his character were more often found in days past.  There aren't many around in today's times, and I worry for our daughter.  At 16, she doesn't appreciate him very much, but I know that will change some day.

He likes quiet, target shooting (though I always beat him), boating, welding, and Ratrods.

He dislikes crowds, the growth of government, watermelon.  And cold, which is why we live in Florida.

He is an awesome cook.

He wants to be a Tree Farmer, though he doesn't know much about trees and doesn't like cutting them down.

So that's RetroMan.  He required a little introduction, since I know that many of my blogs will be about his view of the world, which I love, and will be the subject of more than one blog.


  1. Well, I can see why you've let him hang around for so many years. :-)

    Seriously... what a nice post honoring your man of character! I'm really impressed with your view and heart for RetroMan. Your description... "He is a person who does not lie, who tells you what he thinks (whether you like it or not), who is trustworthy. A man of his word. A meticulous man. A moral man. Someone who can always be relied upon. He never talks about anyone behind their back." ... along with his handy ways makes me see clearly why you went for RenaissanceMan. Either way, both names are appropriate and you are blessed.

    Your daughter is blessed as well to have a father with integrity. Believe me, he has set the standard for her and in the long run (which you as her mom might not realize for a few years)she will expect the same from her man.

    My man was not thrilled when I dubbed him Mr. Meems ... he is anything but the kind of guy who would take on MY name. It was just the easiest way for me to refer to him and still honor his privacy.

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  3. Howdy do Nicolzmomma!

    This heah post on RetoMan is fun--he is the sorta fella Uncle would appreciate. Not only does we have a buggy-barn stuffed wif' years of stuff, Uncle even calls thangs by reto names:

    he takes his shoes to the cobbler
    we have an icebox
    we have a recordplayer (thas' the CD player )
    and he might "draw a bath" fer ya iffin' youse worked hard in the garden.

    Onliest thang is, Uncle ain't so handy as Retro-Man. He dern shure couldna fix no chain saw!

    Readin' back'ards, I see what lovely land y'all has. What a treasure! We growed up in Alachua County, so yore pictures look more home-ish to me that central Florida. Why, would ya believe that heah ya have to look to find a pine tree--oh we have 'em, jes' not so many. An' I love the fragrance of the pine.

    Nicole will find a lad more like dad than ya might think--doan worry none. Jes' send her on a date or two wif' Dad each year so she sees how a true gentleman treats a lady then any boy short of the mark woan last long.

  4. What a wonderful post. He sounds like a good man but I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like watermelon LOL