Saturday, January 23, 2010

What In The World Is It? #1

The only thing we know about our Farm is that it's beautiful.  Beyond that, all we have are questions.

Like what in the world is this?

The picture looks very strange after Blogger loaded it, but it is a mound of sand about one foot around.

The mound can be found near other mounds, often in what appears to be a crooked line.  Here is a picture taken in May.

Another taken a year ago.

At first we thought they might be ant hills, but then you would see ants and there are none.  

Gopher holes were our next guess, but there is no hole at the top as we saw with gopher holes out West.

If anyone has a clue, please leave a comment.

Mystery Solved:   Many thanks to Alan from Suwannee Refugee who figured this one out.  It is a Geomys pinetus, or Southeaster Pocket Gopher.  Also known as the "sandy-mounder" or "salamander".  As Alan indicated, more information can be found here.

Not the most cuddly animal I've ever seen.  Yikes!  Eeeww!

Hmmmm.  This may not bode well for future gardening endeavors.  According to the article they depend on "herbaceous" plants.  That's garden plants, right?

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  1. Try this Tree Ring:

    I always thought they were gopher turtles, but I learned a little bit also.