Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Must Just Be Me

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law came from Ohio in their sporty Porsche for a visit.

They let Retro Man and I drive it.  I don't think I'm a convertible kind of person.  I looked like Ronald McDonald when I got out of the car.  Besides, I get nervous thinking everyone is looking at me while I sing to the radio.

This is Lady Porsche laughing at me.

She is laughing because I am telling her that strange things happen every time we go to Tree Ring.  She doesn't believe me.

Apparently she doesn't read this blog.

So we all went up to Tree Ring to finish putting up the poles of the Shelter.

The last few poles went in real nice.

And then it was time for a blackberry break.


They're looking really good right now.

After the break, the three of them went for a hike to the back of the property, and I got in the van and took pictures of the plants along our drive.  Some came with butterflies.


Once I figure out what these plants are, I'll label the pictures.

So then comes the part of the blog that is



As I was sitting in the van and looking around, I saw a lime green gecko climbing up a tree.  So I jumped out to take a picture.  

And then I heard a noise behind me.  

It was the van rolling down the driveway. 

Given the fact that I can't walk very well, I loudly yelled 'HELP', which was really useless, since the only thing that heard me was the gecko. I tried to run after it with my crutch, but had to jump out of the way lest it run me over.

Oh I know what you are thinking.  That really wouldn't be possible. But Tree Ring has taught me that all sorts of things you never thought of are possible. It's the wilderness you know.

The look on Retro Man's face kept flashing before my eyes as I thought of ways to explain the unexplainable.

What in the world was I thinking?  Even City Girl knows better than that.

I've wondered before on this blog if all of these strange things started happening to me since I met Retro Man. But no,

I     THINK    IT'S    JUST     ME.

Fortunately the van stopped without incident.  

Thank goodness the hills aren't very big in Florida.  It missed a tree by a foot.

The driver's door was pinned against a tree, so I had to get in the passenger side and maneuvered my way over.

Yes, I put it into park first. 

This was not my finest moment.

I'm not sure what to do now.  I think I'm dangerous to myself.  And maybe others.

Certainly vehicles should be afraid

Today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I am so glad my husband stuck with me all these years despite the fact that strange things happen to me. I love you honey.


  1. Great story! I remember hijacking my mom's car when I was little and trying to drive it into the pool. But I grew out of that stage:)

  2. LOL! Too funny. Maybe Tree Ring is bad luck? Or maybe you have good luck since it could've been worse. Great photos and story!

  3. You've got me chuckling again. I blame it all on the excitement of the photo op... not you at all! It is every photographer's folly to forget your surroundings and responsibilities when the camera is calling. Meems

  4. Oh, meant to say... Happy Anniversary.

  5. I fell off my bike several times this weekend and wasn't even at Tree Ring . . .of course I had been drinking wine all day. Tip from me to you, don't drink wine and visit Tree Ring . . . who knows what could happen!

  6. Porsches are cool and all, but imagine if had been a porsche against the have been a bad day!

    I like my "who cares" van...

  7. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad the van wasn't damaged, and you weren't run over, and the gecko survived!