Saturday, March 15, 2014

Before and After the Clear Cut

When we bought Tree Ring 5 years ago, it was an abandoned tree farm.  We worked with the County Forrester to thin the trees.  However because they were never maintained, many of the trees had succombed to pine beetles and fusarium wilt, which is common in slash pine.  We decided to clear cut most of the property and start over.

It is shocking how different the property looks now.  I have tried to find pictures to display the before and after.  While I miss the forest, the land now has amazingly beautiful vistas and shows that we have a slight roll at the front and back of the property.

The Shelter before and after:

The future cabin site before and after:

 The cabin site looking back at the entrance drive before and after:

City Girl attempting to use the dibble Retro Man got for Christmas.  Dibbles are used to pine trees by hand:

It's going to take a while to plant 17 acres :-)

Another view of the cabin site before and after:

Other pictures of the Preserve where Tree Ring is located:

Those lilly pads have beautiful yellow flowers in the summer.

For those of you sick of Winter, Spring is definitely on its way:

I will post the videos of the clear cut operation another time.  It took the crew 7 days to clear cut 17 acres.  It was an amazing operation.  

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  1. I had some catching up to do here. I always enjoy your stories. Funny Fort DeSoto story. It's amazing the progress you three are making on your beautiful property. It must be so fun to have defined goals together and see them met! Photos are a wonderful tool to log progress. I think your last photo is Walter's Viburnum in bloom ?? ... gorgeous!