Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clueless Logging 101

RetroMan decided it was time to teach City Girl how to use a chainsaw.  It wasn't quite the Blind leading the Blinder, but ....   I will let you decide.

First the safety lesson.

Uh oh.  We may have created a monster.

Here are a few short clips of her practicing on a short tree stump.  The chainsaw noise is annoying, but the videos are funnier with the sound on.

Getting acquainted with the saw (22 seconds):

Switching sides (26 seconds):

The final cut (56 seconds):

It looks like some more practice is in order.

And eye protection.

And different pants.

And then she wouldn't stop (53 seconds).

She's not quite Paul Bunyan yet, but she's getting there.


  1. Where are these on YouTube? Or are they marked private?

  2. I especially like the city girl trying to chop everything to no avail!