Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life Evens Out

My husband is unique.  Some would say eccentric.  It's partly why I love him.

One of his favorite things to do is to find things for free.  It's kind of like a game.

You know those sweepstakes that the local car dealer sends to "The Occupant" at your address saying that if your numbers match you'll win a new car, or at least $1,000?  Just come down and get it Saturday afternoon, and while you're there get a free hot dog.  Well, if we get that mailing, we're there eating free hot dogs for lunch on Saturday afternoon. 

Now you know why City Girl is so embarrassed by us.  When she was littler, we'd always take her along.

Have we ever won? Nope.  But we've gotten lots of free food, and met some interesting people.

But today was his lucky day. 

RetroMan went to the auto store this morning to get a new car battery, due to the strange circumstances that happened yesterday.

He came home all excited.  There was free coffee and doughnuts, and we had to go back because there was a drawing at 2:00!

We arrived at 1:59.  I sat in the car texting City Girl to keep her apprised.

Dad's at the auto store.  They're having a drawing at 2:00.  5 cars in the parking lot not including ours.

Haaaaahaaaaa.  Can he get me some leather cleaner for my car?

1 guy just came out without any bags.  You don't own a car.

Yippeeee!  You know what I mean!

Another guy came out without any bags.

Awesome!  Did we win?

IDK, not yet.

And then there he was.  

I could tell right away he had won!

He was a "no one else was there, and you had to be there to win" kind of winner.  He got his picture taken and everything, and it's being sent to corporate.  If corporate compares his ticket with the winning ticket, well, they'll wonder just what happened.

What did he win?

A bucket full of about $50 worth of cleaning supplies, which was great, since we planned to wash the dust off the Van from our trip yesterday.

Personally I don't believe it, but RetroMan thinks that life evens out.   Because of our bizarre trip yesterday and other things that have occurred lately, we were due.

I have to admit, the timing was interesting.

We're going to keep a close eye on giveaways at the auto store from now on.


  1. Nicolezmomma...You tell the funniest stories! Glad I found your blog.

  2. Congrats to Retro Man - free donuts and a prize! I love it when that kind of stuff happens.

  3. I like free stuff too : ) Cute post!