Sunday, April 18, 2010


A huge Queen's Wreath is located about two feet away from the car I use to go to work.  For the last month, I've been dodging the bees as I get in and out, trying to make sure one didn't become a passenger.  I'm kind of scared of bees.

In my rush, I never actually looked at the bees, but last week I noticed that there were many different types of bees.

This one was the prettiest.  It has a shiney green body.

This is one is the most common type of bee I see on plants in our yard, and one I would term a honey bee.

But this one was totally unexpected.

He seemed like more of a schizophrenic bee, because he never actually stopped long enough at a flower to do anything.  More like a librarian bee.  He is what I would call a bumble bee, but definitely smaller than the type in Virginia where I grew up.

Even though I'm scared of bees, I hope to work that out, and have a bee hive at Tree Ring one day.  If any of you know what type of bees these are, please let me know. 


  1. I wish I knew better the different varieties of bees. We have all the same ones but I can never remember their exact names. I love those tiny green ones.

    I'm teaching my grandkids not to be afraid of bees by telling them they won't bother you if you leave them alone to do their thing. Try not to swat at them just admire them and move out of their way.

    I think my Queen's Wreath is not getting enough sun... no blooms yet on mine. It did get quite damaged this winter... how did yours survive the freezes? They are just stunning vines... I hope mine still has time to bloom.

  2. My neighbors have 3 hives and I am fascinated by them. My sister gave me an old hive, hat with screen and the machine for spinning out the I just have to convince my husband he wants bees.