Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living In The City #3: Weddings On The Water

We went to the St. Petersburg Pier the other day, and saw something up close we had only seen far away before.

It's a church on the water, and it is used for weddings.  As I turned to Retro Man to say what a great idea, we should..... 

Mr Romantic saw the look on my face and pointed out that it wasn't free, and he was already married to me.  We need the money for other things, like a trailer for the Polaris.

I have to admit it, I want the trailer more than another wedding.


  1. Too cool! I love that St. Pete area and wish it weren't so far away.

    Don't you just love a pragmatic man?

  2. Is it a bad sign if you're getting married on that church boat and it starts to sink?

  3. What a neat idea! Hubby and I were married on a glass bottom boat but I think a chapel boat would really have been cool!