Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Saturday

Saturday we escaped the city.

For this.

And this.
Phlox drummondii - Annual Phlox

And this.

We made the failed attempt to get poles for the shelter, and then arrived at Tree Ring to this.

But it just didn't matter.  It was such a great day!  Nothing could bother us.

We sat in the middle of Tree Ring and ate our standard fare.

It only rained a short time, so we went for a walk.  The blackberries aren't quite ripe.  Maybe two more weeks.

On our walk we found some interesting plants.

Asarum arifolium - Heartleaf Wild Ginger

Pterocaulon virgatum - Wand Blackroot

Dyschoriste oblongifolia - Oblongleaf Twinflower

Please share if you know what they are.  

It was getting late, but  we decided to go a longer way home, and found more beautiful plants.

Opuntia Humifusa - Prickly Pear Cactus

Turning a corner, we came upon the coolest homemade bridge.

Followed by our first Florida bunny sighting.

And a turkey and a deer hanging together.  

How strange.

All in all a beautiful Memorial Weekend day.

Blackberries in two weeks!  Yessssssssss!


  1. Beautiful wildlife and wildflower photos! What a beautiful escape from the city. I love the country!

  2. It sure looks like a nice play to call home. I'm just a tad bit jealous.

  3. Blackberries are the best, aren't they? I'll live with the stained hands they give, which to me is the sign of a great childhood afternoon.

  4. Great pix - loved bunny and deer ones especially. Burb gal will look out the window and appreciate nature. I leave camping to you youngsters. Love, buzzinmama

  5. Well, I've been catching up on your blog, Sue. Now that I've read through your 5 things... can I call you Sue? Sound like you two had a great Memorial Weekend TRC style. Always fun to read your stories. I think the red unidentified flowers are Coral bean/Erythrina Herbacea. I wish mine would bloom but they never have.