Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Give Me My Snow Back"

No not that snow.

That's what Retro Man said as we tried to watch reruns of our new favorite show Criminal Minds.   

"We're going to need to stake **&#(*$&% place out as soon as (*&#@$.* hhhhhhhhh  all night."


No picture.

"No Signal" waved around the screen.

Yes, we're "one of those people" that refuses to pay for porn (cable) TV.  We can watch it for free on ABCBSNBC if only the dang signal wouldn't break up.  We live in the city for Pete's sake.

In the old days, the snowey picture wasn't great, but you could make out the words.

Ah, the Government.  They always know what's best for us, don't they.

Maybe we'll hate it enough to throw the TV away.

I guess that would be good for us!

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