Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Polaris Escaped The Garage

I have good news to report.  The Polaris is finally free!

After looking at it sitting forlornly in the garage for a year, we finally saved up enough money to buy a trailer.  The trailer is 6x16, and was really easy to load.

We got to Tree Ring without incident (not a small feat for us).  I had fun unloading the Polaris off of the trailer and parking it at the entrance of the trail.

Retro Man decided he should get the machete out of the Camper, so we could hack our way through the woods.

Surprise!  In true TRC style, the camper door lock has broken.  The key cannot unlock it.

Retro Man had to break in to open the door.

To do this, you have to lift up the cushion above the storage compartment, put your arm through, and reach for the door handle to unlock it from the inside.

Fortunately, Retro Man can contort himself like a pretzel.

Excitedly, we jumped onto the Polaris, and started her up.

And then she died.  

We started her up, and she died again.  

I can't express the disappointment we both felt not being able to proceed with the Polaris maiden voyage.  You can't really ride them in the city, so we've looked longingly at the dang thing for a year, waiting to save the money to get a trailer.

With a few choice words, Retro Man pulled off the seat, and looked at the engine.

He determined that the fuel line fell off inside the fuel tank. 

How bizarre is that?

We set off to the auto parts store, bought a $3 piece of hose and returned to Tree Ring and pouring rain.

It lasted an hour, but the wait was worth it.  Retro Man fixed the line and we were off.

We discovered we have a bunny that lives on Tree Ring.

With the machete, we made our way to the back of the property.

The view was great.

We came across a tree stump.

Which was no match for the chainsaw.

We took GPS points on the trail, and I will try to plot them on a map so we can see where the trail is.

Thank goodness I married McGuyver, or we still wouldn't have had the chance to ride. 


  1. Your adventures always put a smile on my face. It's a good thing you are recording them... someday you will be so glad. Rain is always good this time of year. Good to see the Polaris is where she belongs now.

  2. Looks like a fun time! McGuyvers are always handy. If he gets bored, I have a few things around the house that could use getting fixed.