Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 More Things about Me

1)  I always leave a tablespoon of food on my plate, but always have room for dessert.

2)  I prefer to read magazines and newspapers from back to front.

3)  I started cussing in the 8th grade.  I looked like such a sweet, innocent, girl next door and I so enjoyed the look of shock on people's faces when I cussed.  I had to get over that childishness when I had a child, and have been (mostly) cuss free for 17 years.  Now my child is almost an adult, and  I can tell I am starting to enjoy it once again. 

4)  When I was young, sometimes we would all pile in the car and my father would just drive.  Invariably we would get lost, but the joy of it all was discovering something interesting in the middle of nowhere.  We would always end up at a major road, and the challenge of figuring out where you were was a lot of fun.  I still enjoy doing this today.

5)  I went to college at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia - the Turkey Capital of the World.  Class of '85.

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  1. I have to say the reading from back to front is a little odd LOL

    I love those long rides to nowhere - the best adventures happen that way!

  2. I think some days dessert makes a good hors d'oeuvre :o)

  3. Are ya shure yore Daddy was really lost? Reckon he coulda been, but he mighta let y'all think so fer the thrill of it.

    My mama had a rule about cussin'--she said "no graphic images" so we'uns weren't ever allowed ter say them four letter words--like snot or crap. She confined her teens to a nice clean (no graphic images) "damn" ....then read Dante an' "damn" wuz suddenly very graphic.

    An'...uh, spiders make me nervous too--banana spiders really creep me out.