Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October's Light

We went to Tree Ring on Saturday.  The first cold front had come through, and the weather was supposed to be beautiful!  

As soon as we got there, we opened the camper to air it out and found a surprise.

We'd gotten moused.

Actually many moused.  

The short version:  We went to town to get cleaning supplies, started to clean, decided we better take everything home to clean it more thoroughly, loaded all the sh$t (literally) into the van, and then decided we're just going to throw it all away.

And then it was time to head back.

After closing the camper, we found a little friend.

We surveyed the landscape.  All green and beautiful. We'll have to explore next visit.

Checked out some flowers (and bugs).

The fields were full of daisies.

And moths who love daisies.

 And other flowers.

As we were closing the gate on the way out, we decided to take the long way home through the Preserve.

We found Beautyberry.

Lots of water.

Beautiful scenery.

More flowers.

Some turkeys.

And a quail family I wasn't quick enough to get pictures of.

Most people love October because it's the start of fall, but I love October because of the light.   

As we rounded a corner, the sun was setting on a field of ferns that just seemed to glow.

This is why I love October.

And the reason why this trip was so worth it, despite getting moused.

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