Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mystery track

This summer my husband came upon this track:

We'd never seen anything like it (though that's not saying much).

Here is another view with my husband's hand as  reference:

My husband has big hands.  Whatever it was, it was not small, which was a little scary.

Then I pictured someone carrying around a claw foot on a stick, stamping the path to see if the city folk would think it was a real track.

We went home and did some research on the internet.

A bear?  Nope.  Too few toes.

Big foot?  Not found in Florida.

Sasquatch?  The same.

It also wasn't a hog or a turkey.

We were pretty convinced it was a Skunk Ape for quite a while, but further research showed (Thank God), that their toes are more human-like. Skunk Apes smell and are aggressive towards humans.

So we asked our friend Ron, who has lived in the area for a long time.

He said if you look really close.......

......you can see two overlapping deer prints.

So there it is.  We have deer on our country property.  Who knew? 

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