Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sneaky Snake?

After my husband spent an hour trying to drag a piece of tree to the truck that weighed 3 times more than he did, he looked down and saw a snake.

Our very first snake!

Unfortunately, it seemed that we had just run over it, as it didn't move.

He picked it up and set it in the truck bed for a closer look.

Here's a closer look at its head.

Not bad for a Blackberry, huh?

The snake looked just fine to us.  Of course, a truck is pretty heavy, but we're hoping it was just playing dead.

We put it back on the ground.

A little snake research showed that some snakes like to play dead. 

Hopefully it won't be there when we visit the next time, though that may not tell us much.


  1. Hi there,
    So happy I stumbled across your blog. It looks as though you are having quite the adventure at your new woodsy property. You all are actually 'doing' what we only 'talk' about doing. It will be fun to observe how it goes for you two.

    Your snake looks like a rat snake of some kind ~~ they come in all colors and have many names... maybe a grey rat snake. I've seen them in much bigger bodies just lay there and keep staring. Fortunately they're harmless. I wouldn't doubt it if you come across some rattlers out there though... yikes.

    I've added you to my blog roll... yay... another Florida blogger.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

    P.S. congratulations on your anniversary.

  2. Snakes are just hauntingly beautiful...I hope the little guy 'wakes' up. Good luck on your Florida adventure...I'm from the opposite corner up in Washington and must say I am quite jealous of the lovely weather and exotic plants you guys can grow down there! Kim