Monday, December 5, 2011

And That Is That

Uneventful surgery. Unfortunately they would only do one knee because i am too anemic.  Hopefully will hear when I can do the other one when I see the doctor tomorrow.

Had a spinal, which I would highly recommend. Perfectly coherent (or so I think) as soon as you're in recovery.  Didn't get to recovery until1:30. It's 4:30 and I still can't move or feel my legs. I can tell it's wearing off though. That will be good because I am lying here like a sack of potatoes and would really like to move by myself.

One side effect of a spinal,however, is a slight chance for a wicked headache a few days later due to leaking spinal fluid. I am not too worried about this, however a resident poked me fifty times to do the spinal before the anesthitologist stepped to get 'er done. Hopefully so many more pokes will still seal and not cause any headaches.

City Girl recommended I download Pandora to my phone, which I did. I am listening to Swinging Christmas. It's great and very uplifting.

That's all for now. I so appreciate everyone praying for me and sending good thoughts my way. For now I couldn't be happier. I suspect having one knee done at a time will end up being a blessing.

Bye for now O:-)

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