Monday, December 12, 2011

Well I'm Pumped

It's been one week since parts of my leg were sawed off and I see a tiny bit of improvement every day.

Pt man came today. He didn't seem as rushed, and laughed when I asked if I was his last torture victim for the day.  He threw a few new things at me, but I never cried or wanted to. The key for me was taking 2 tylenol along with all my other meds an hour before he came. I now feel the sweet hurt sensation when a muscle stretches as it hasn't been able to for 4 years.

Reto Man and I tried to go shopping at a very popular eatery/grocery store here called Mazzaro's. It's definitely the place that New Yorkers come shopping with their best holiday attitude.  It's definitely no place for a cryp with a crutch, and I'll stay home next time.

I calculated the pain medicine I thought I'd need before getting the staples out on the 20th and called it in to the prescription hotline. However no one called it in to the pharmacy and no one called me. I'm a little confused, then, why the call it a hot line. I'm glad I don't need anything for a few days.

That's the update for today. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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