Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OK I Cried A Little Bit

PT was too much for the percocet. That stuff is like water to me. I am asking to go back to the delauted. However I did walk to the door and back and between that and some other things I did, PT guy claimed he was impressed and gave me 3 stars. Once I get these meds right, I will be able to do more. The nurse said today is the hardest day.

I sure hope so.

The Home Health coordinator came and talked with me. They will start coming to the house the day after I get home which looks to be Thursday now.

The doctor must have been smokin crack when he said I'd go home after two days with a double.

My blood counts got too low so now I am getting both units that Retro Man donated for me. Thank goodness we are the same blood type. My hemaglobin was 8.1. His was 13. I will feel like a million bucks after I get it all.

That's all for now.

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  1. I screamed bloody hell the first time they tried to get me up - so you are doing great! And no, percocet is for down the road some IMO. You are on Dilaudid right now. It is used instead of morphine post op. Most likely they will not let you go home on Dilaudid. I went home [from inpatient hospital rehab] on Oxycontin - which is a time release so it is constantly trickling in your bloodstream and with Oxycodone 20 for 'breakthrough' pain. Actually, I pre-dosed with Oxycodone for PT and for activities such as going to the pottie. Covering the pain for PT is what will help you the most for recovery. Percocet is a combo of low dose Oxycodone and high dose Tylenol. A very wise Doctor in the trauma unit told me that if I kept my pain covered I would not become addicted. In other words, take the pain meds before you hurt really, really bad. If you have really bad hurt, then take a pain med; the relief is what leads to addiction.

    Oh, and if you are going to home based PT, then you will absolutely need a stationary bike.