Sunday, December 4, 2011

T Minus 12

WARNING: Graphic images.  Don't look if you don't want to see one really fucked up person.

Despite the fact that I'm sure I'll never make it, I'm posting 'before' pictures anyway hoping I can post 'after' pictures.

I know - how dramatic.

I'm so scared.

It's like climbing up the high dive for the first time.  There's a line of kids behind you so you can't go back down.  And you don't know what's going to happen after you jump off the board.

And you HAVE to jump.

Anyways.  Here is a 'before' picture.  Please disregard the sagging breasts.  I breast fed my daughter and just turned 49 yesterday, so I have somewhat of an excuse.

This is me, really trying to stand straight.


I've been on a crutch resisting this surgery for 4 years.  I finally gave up.

Tomorrow at 9:15 I will receive two new knees.  Each knee will take approximately 1/2 hour to replace.  This Doctor only does spinals, and I can be as awake as I want.  I'm taking the amnesia pill.

For all of you who truly know me, if you post a comment, please keep any personal information about me to yourself.  If I want my million blog fans to know something about me, I'd like to be the one to let it out.

Like the fact that I have saggy breasts, I'm 15 pounds over weight and can't stand straight.  I'm removing nearly every shred of dignity to help just one person out there who might be as terrified as me and waiting WAY TO LONG to get this done.

Wish me luck.  I hope to post soon.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. And remember, better living with chemistry. It will make it oh so very much easier to push through the PT. We'll be here cheering you along! And you will be so happy in several months. I'm jealous - I am so ready for my very own TKR. Sadly, technology isn't ready for me .... yet.